Internationale Glaukom Richtlinien                                                               ICO Guidelines for Glaucoma Eye Care 


Most patients with open and closed angle forms of glaucoma are unaware they have sightthreatening

disease. Mass population screening is not currently recommended. However, all

patients presenting for eye care should be reviewed for glaucoma risk factors and undergo clinical

examination to rule out glaucoma. Patients with glaucoma should be told to alert brothers, sisters,

parents, sons, and daughters that they have a higher risk of developing disease, and that they also

need to be checked regularly for glaucoma.

So handhaben wir es auch in Deutschland:

 Keine speziellen Screeningaktionen wie beim Mammographiescreening, aber allen Patienten, die zur Augenarztuntersuchung kommen, soll das Gaukomscreening als Vorsorge angeboten werden!